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Graphic Design

Logos, identity, Fashion, Artistic Portraits, Art direction

Web Design

Responsive website, Joomla!, Wordpress

Web Design Portfolio

ZZ Cursor
Responsive E-commerce website made for ZZ Cursor, an italian clothes brand, based in Bologna. It has been developed using the Bootstrap 3 framework.
Responsive E-commerce website made for Wokaway, a brand new fusion take-way in Ancona. It is possible to book online, or you can simply phone them.
Responsive website made for Tatterton, a famous antiques store , based in Ozzano (BO). The layout has been strongly customized, and it has some filters to find the product you are looking for.
Responsive website made for Uniservice, a cash register retailer, based in Ancona.
San Lazzaro sociale
Accessible website developed for municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena - Bologna.
Cascina Martesana
Responsive website made for Cascina Martesana, an open space in Milano.
Metrocuadro Design
Accessible E-commerce website developed for a couple of young and talented italian designers.
Cani da Ricerca
Website developed for a rescue dogs association. They are based in Trento and they operate all over the world.
Gyros Akropolis
Responsive Website developed for Greek Restaurant based in Inveruno - Milano.
Cream Beauty Store
Responsive E-Commerce Website developed for Cream Beauty store, a cosmetic shop in Bologna
Stefano Vannini
Personal Website developed for Stefano Vannini, anesthesiologist specializing in ozone therapy. He lives and works in Ancona
Carmelo Bucolo
Personal Website developed for Carmelo Bucolo, gynecologist in Bologna
Already Ready
Responsive Website developed for a communication agency, in Milano
Responsive Website developed with wordpress and boostrap 4, for an electronic Festival, in Monopoli
Responsive Website developed with Joomla!
The Long Road Project
Responsive Website developed to promote the movie release about the life of Malik Farrakhan

Graphic Design Portfolio

Art Works

LBZ - Merio - portrait
Skull M.Rotella - ILM
M.D. - portrait
G. - portrait
S. - portrait
Musubi Santa Radegonda - Milano
Musubi Fontana Largo Marinai - Milano
Brutti Sporchi Cattivi Drop - ILM
10 G sull'isola - LBZ + ZZ
Musubi Parco Sempione - Milano
Musubi Arco Porta Garibaldi - Milano
Musubi Via Paullo - Milano
Musubi Navigli - Milano
Skull I Love MaZZini
Brutti Sporchi Cattivi Eroded - ILM